Joint Lab Artifical Intelligence & Data Science

Cooperation of the Leibniz Institute for Agricultural Engineering and Bioeconomy Potsdam and the University Of Osnabrück

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Research Program of the Research Training Group

These are the research topics covered by the scientists from the two research locations:

On the part of the ATB, the research topics of the Joint Lab are precision crop production, precision animal husbandry, intelligent food value chains, food processing and nutrition, biomaterials and residue management as well as, from the overarching methodological focus of measurement and control technology, data science and microbiome management.

The Osnabrück University broadly covers the spectrum of AI and data science methods and includes in particular machine learning methods, knowledge-based approaches, optimization and data mining.

The research program of the Joint Lab graduate school is formed by the following research focuses:

  1. Artificial intelligence and data science - method development and data analysis,
  2. Autonomous systems - sensor networks, robot control and data acquisition, as well
  3. Hybrid process and system modeling - application-based development of process controls and digital twins.